Things are pretty tough for most of the world right now. Chances are fairly good you are reading this in your newly-put-together home office as you take part in the crazy, worldwide, work-from-home experiment that has been thrust upon many of us.

The Sudonum team is hunkering down in our various home cities, trying to stay as positive and productive as we possibly can. In addition to trying to keep our heads in the right place, we are finding that setting up appropriate processes and tools for our new work environment is crucial. We are here to help you do the same, if making and receiving phone calls are important for your business.

Take a look at the scenarios below and give us a shout if any of these challenges look familiar (or with whatever other work-from-home telephonic challenges you are facing).

Scenario 1: People working from home who need to make or receive calls

Problems that arise:

  • Exposing your personal home/cell phone numbers in outgoing calls.
  • Alternate solutions (e.g. cloud PBX) are not always easy to get going.
  • Your home internet connection is not as fast or reliable as you thought.
  • Zero control over cost and no insight into what is happening with these calls.

How Sudonum can help

Using our voice-call API, which can be paired to the Sudonum Chrome extension, you can make calls with one click and:

  • Send one of our call-tracking numbers as the caller ID, which can be called back.
  • Use the telephone network as opposed to the internet, negating the need for amazing internet connections.
  • Allow your business to pay for the calls directly, saving time and admin in reclaims and helping your business to monitor and control costs.
  • Integrate into your CRM/client management system.
  • Record every call.
  • Set up in five minutes.

Scenario 2: You or your business relies on inbound telephone calls to a number listed on your website or app.

Problems that arise:

  • Calls are going to an office phone that no-one is there to answer.
  • Forwarding these calls to home/mobile phones requires a PBX-type system that you probably don’t have.
  • Homelife distractions mean that even forwarded calls might be missed.

How Sudonum can help

Using one of our virtual call tracking numbers allows you to:

  • Receive calls to the number listed on your website directly on your mobile or home phone.
  • Set up instantaneously with no heavy or expensive set-up required.
  • Send calls to more than one destination phone so that fewer calls go unanswered, whatever the distraction.
  • Record every call.

As always, we don’t believe in set-up fees and we will never ask you to sign up to any long-term contracts so you can use these tools for just as long as you want/need to. Also, now that we have set up our new Google Data Studio Connector, you can turn your call data from the tools mentioned here into beautiful visuals, allowing you to keep an eye on your call activity with nothing more than a glance.