Go Big Or Go Chrome… Extension For Outbound Calls

Use our Chrome extension to start outbound calls from your mobile or landline phone to control costs, record calls, save call details records and much more.

Go Big Or Go Chrome… Extension For Outbound Calls

At Sudonum we aim to help our clients improve the ease, efficiency and measurability of their telephone interactions. To achieve that goal for outbound calls, we have created a Google Chrome extension that allows you to start a call from your existing mobile or landline phone with a single (right)click on your Chrome browser. So, if being able to easily make calls that you can measure, record and monitor is important for you or your business, read on to hear how our Chrome extension can work for you.

How Does It Work?  

Once the extension is installed, a right-click on a phone number displayed anywhere in Chrome will present you with the option to Call now! Provided the number that you click is a valid telephone number, the magic will begin:

Your phone will ring. Once you answer, our system will automatically dial the number you have right-clicked. And voila, in 30 seconds or less you are talking (assuming your destination answers of course!).

How Do I Get Set Up?

There are two simple steps to get calling with our Chrome extension:

  1. Set up an account with us.
  2. Download the chrome extension and click "Add to Chrome"..

That’s it. Beyond a small prepayment to fund your account, there is no setup cost and no long term commitment. You simply pay for what you use for as long as you want to use it.

What Do I Get?

Reliable call quality: Calls are made over regular phone networks, not over the internet meaning you don’t have to have an amazing internet connection for it to work.

Cost Control: Calls will be charged to your Sudonum account and will not affect your personal mobile or home phone bill, helping you to keep your business and personal calling costs separate. What’s more, because our calls cost less than calling minutes on most mobile phone plans, we may be able to help you save money too.

Cool features: The outbound calls include some interesting features as standard. You can record the call for instance. And you can choose to show your own telephone number to the person you are calling or show one of our virtual numbers (where you can receive calls as well).

Call Detail Records: Your call detail records will be available for you to view, visualise and share easily and quickly via our Google Data Studio connector tool. Alternatively, you can download your records in CSV from your Sudonum dash. For the more technically-minded, there is also the option to access your records in JSON by hitting up the call-detail-record endpoint of our API. If your team is already using a CRM tool, we would be happy to talk about integrating call records from the Chrome extension into your CRM.